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foldier API Library

Welcome to the foldier API library on CodePlex.

The foldier API is a .Net library for accessing the foldier API, that allows developers to create C# applications to interact with data in foldier outside foldier.

What is foldier API?

This project is a RESTFUL C# interface to allow external applications to request services from foldier, written for the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
Using this project will greatly facilitate the development of 3rd party foldier applications for developers and development shops familiar with the Microsoft .NET technology stack.

Using foldier API library an authenticated external application can request and interact with data in foldier: this initial API provide mostly READ methods to browse and search content collected and organized by foldier, as sPressions, folders and items.

When can I use it?

To use the foldier API please check out our current release.

See foldier API in action

Two sites are already using the library: and
More demonstrations of the execution of foldier API methods will be available soon on a foldier API demo site.


Documentation of foldier API library is available at foldier API wiki.

You can contact lbottaro if you want more details.

Visit foldier home page.

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